Bethel Habte, an Associate at Katz Banks Kumin, joined the firm in September 2023.

Previously, she was an associate and civil rights litigation fellow with a public interest law firm, focused on labor and employment law. She also served as a law fellow at the National Education Association’s Office of General Counsel, where she gained valuable experience in labor, employment, and civil rights law.

Ms. Habte earned her Juris Doctor degree from Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL), where she excelled academically as a Public Interest Law Scholar. During her time at NUSL, she served as a senior editor and associate editor of the Northeastern University Law Review, where she contributed significantly to the publication’s success. She was also actively engaged in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, serving on several relevant committees. Her experience during law school included internships with Bay Area Legal Aid’s Family Law/Domestic Violence Prevention Unit, Boston Children’s Hospital’s Office of General Counsel, and two worker’s rights law firms.

Before entering the legal field, Ms. Habte contributed to global health initiatives as a Global Health Corps fellow, where she oversaw fundraising campaign communications and coordinated development efforts at the Boys & Girls Club of Newark, New Jersey, showcasing her dedication to community well-being.