Boeing Whistleblower Matter

Attorneys Debra Katz and Lisa Banks announced they are representing whistleblower Sam Salehpour in an F.A.A. complaint against airplane manufacturer Boeing. Salehpour alleges that the company repeatedly dismissed serious safety and quality control concerns in the construction of the company’s 787 and 777 aircraft.

Information on our Client’s Allegations

Sam Salehpour is a veteran engineer at Boeing with more than four decades of experience. In his work at Boeing, Mr. Salehpour observed shortcuts employed by Boeing to reduce bottlenecks during the 787 assembly process that placed excessive stress on major airplane joints and embedded drilling debris between key joints on more than 1000 planes. He alleges that these errors in the manufacturing process significantly reduce the lifespan of the plane and may be difficult to identify. After raising these concerns, he was involuntarily transferred from the 787 program to the 777 program.

At the 777 program, Mr. Salehpour immediately noted additional safety concerns regarding the application of the Fuselage Automated Upright Build (FAUB) and Determinant Assembly (DA) processes that resulted in significant misalignment between parts, which may affect at least 400 777 series airplanes. He also observed Boeing pressure Liaison Engineers to continue production despite the presence of unexamined defects, another example of the “schedule over safety” culture at Boeing. In response to his concerns, Mr. Salehpour was retaliated against by his direct supervisor and Boeing senior management. He was threatened with termination; excluded from important meetings, projects, and communication; denied reasonable requests for medical leave; assigned work outside of his expertise; and effectively declared persona non grata to his colleagues.

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