Alexis Ronickher Testimonials

“I sat at home bewildered in the days after my wrongful termination for pointing out significant and substantial safety violations in a coal mine to my employer, overwhelmed this had happened to me. After speaking with a friend in the underground mining industry he suggested I contact Katz Banks Kumin and discuss my situation with them. After being accepted as a client, I went from feeling alone to knowing I had the ‘best of the best’ at my side, working to defend my name. In a very short period of time, Alexis Ronickher, on the verge of winning an order of reinstatement from MSHA, was able to reach a significant settlement with my former employer. My gratitude for Katz Banks Kumin’s hard work cannot be expressed in words. They give me back my good name and sent a message to my former employer that underground coal mine safety issues should be corrected, not simply swept under the rug.”

— Underground Coal Miner


“The fraud in skilled nursing facilities is abhorrent … and I finally got fired for complaining to management about it. Thanks to good luck and the Internet I found David Marshall and Alexis Ronickher at Katz Banks Kumin. They understood the issues and helped me get a settlement. Katz Banks Kumin levels the playing field. I’m very grateful!”

— Physical Therapist who reported fraudulent billing to Medicare in a skilled nursing facility


“Debra Katz, Alexis Ronickher, Alison Asarnow and others at the firm represented me in my 5 year sexual harassment battle against the Andre Chreky Salon. Being sexually harassed at work is a totally demeaning experience that takes away your self-esteem. Being a litigant is incredibly hard emotionally. These lawyers were there for me every step of the way. Not only are they incredible lawyers — we achieved a $2.3 million jury verdict after a two week trial — but they are amazing people. I could not have asked for more compassionate, committed lawyers to have in my corner.”

— Ronnie Barrett, a hair stylist who won a $2.3 million jury verdict against the Andre Chreky Salon