David J. Marshall Testimonials

“I am very thankful to David Marshall and Dan Edelman for all of their hard work and efforts in successfully resolving my whistleblower claim against my former employer, a federal credit union. Throughout the entire process, it was very obvious to me that the Katz Banks Kumin team worked together very effectively, and they made a very stressful process for me as positive as possible.

During the mediation session with my former employer, I felt that we were as well prepared as possible and I had high hopes of reaching a fair settlement. I was very pleased with the results, particularly knowing that the credit union had engaged a formidable firm to work in their defense which had been a tough negotiator in the past.

The Katz Banks Kumin team was very professional throughout the process.”

— Former Director of Internal Audit at a federally chartered financial institution


“In 2011 through 2012 I found myself to be in situation that read like a case study from graduate school. I had been recruited and hired by an aerospace firm that served an impressive group of federal customers. Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that my boss was engaging in unethical and illegal behaviour which I subsequently reported to the U.S. government as well as through the corporation’s channels and processes. I found myself a whistleblower and facing retaliation from the corporation. At that time I retained Katz Banks Kumin. The entire team at Katz Banks Kumin were impeccably responsive, knowledgeable and thorough. David Marshall, Dan Edelman, and everyone else at the firm provided flawless counsel, kept me in the loop at all times and we achieved a very favorable outcome. Katz Banks Kumin has my highest possible praise and endorsement for your legal needs and unforeseen challenges.”

— Aerospace executive who reported fraud in government contracts


“I approached Katz Banks Kumin legal when I thought nobody cared about me or the drugs that were going out the door. Katz Banks Kumin legal did care about both the patients we serve and me. They educated me on the process and the respective risks. After engaging Katz Banks Kumin legal, it was like a great burden was lifted; the worry and insecurity of it all went away. David Marshall and Daniel Edelman were outstanding in representing me to a successful outcome. Moreover, I felt that we struck a blow for the unsuspecting patient that needed pharmaceuticals for better quality in health. You have choices in who represents you but as for me, Katz Banks Kumin was the best and only choice for strong sound legal representation.”

— Senior compliance officer in the pharmaceutical industry who complained of adulterated drugs


“The fraud in skilled nursing facilities is abhorrent … and I finally got fired for complaining to management about it. Thanks to good luck and the Internet I found David Marshall and Alexis Ronickher at Katz Banks Kumin. They understood the issues and helped me get a settlement. Katz Banks Kumin levels the playing field. I’m very grateful!”

— Occupational Therapist who reported fraudulent billing to Medicare in a skilled nursing facility


“David Marshall and Abigail Cook-Mack are two of the finest professionals I have ever met. They showed compassion, resolve and a tenacity that is simply world class. My case was extremely complicated and spanned many years and involved the most senior management in my institution. Taking on the most powerful people on Wall Street in the name of justice and doing the right thing involved enormous risk, but Katz Banks Kumin put all of their considerable resources behind me, and in the end I was rewarded with a seven figure settlement from my former firm. My family and I are truly grateful to David, Abby and the Katz Banks Kumin team for helping us right a wrong and allowing me and my family to move on with our lives satisfied with an exceptional outcome. Their track record is second to none. A call from Katz Banks Kumin to your former or current employer sends instant chills up their spines. They bring decades of experience and a culture of compassion you need to experience to appreciate. Katz Banks Kumin specializes and some would consider the firm a boutique. Make no mistake: they are as feared, if not more feared, than the largest law firms in the country. My result and their results speak for themselves.”

— Former managing director at a major financial institution


“David Marshall is a gifted attorney, always focused on the goal of representing his client aggressively and intelligently. David’s interactions with his clients are highly respectful of both the person and the situation, never reducing the reality to the level of a case. David was always thoughtful and responsible in the financial management of my case. I would highly recommend David to anyone in any situation, and am thankful to him and to his partner, Debbie Katz.”

— Anonymous


“David Marshall is an exceptional attorney. His deceptively easy-going personality is a perfect match for anxious clients, respectfully guiding to the best solutions with such grace. His knowledge is top-tier, and his integrity — which I consider the highest calling for an attorney — is unassailable. His ability to manage a highly complicated legal project with the right touch at each point is one of his best professional abilities. Legal situations can take a longer time than a client may expect, and each phase is different, calling for varying skills. David and his well-chosen team have them all.”

— Lisa C. Blanton, Founder of Med-eHub and Owner of the Collings Group, is a nationally recognized expert in healthcare reimbursement and marketing


“My initial consultation with David Marshall was met with an earnest interest and insightfulness as to the applicable laws that governed my case. While some of the discussion was consisted of various legal terms and case quotes, David took the extra time to put this in layman’s terms. I was very comfortable making decisions based on the education that David provided. David was informative, understanding and most importantly, supportive of me – I didn’t feel alone. I am so thankful that I had David Marshall and the Katz Banks Kumin team representing me for a fantastic outcome!”

— Chief Compliance Officer in the pharmaceutical industry who blew the whistle on fraudulent practices


“Early in 2004, I was fired from a Browns Ferry nuclear plant in north Alabama for bringing up safety concerns to the NRC. Katz Banks Kumin has been thorough in helping me with everything that I have had questions and concerns about. They have stood by my family and I throughout the course of this litigation. If you are looking for a law firm in regard to a whistle blower case action suit I would highly recommend using Katz Banks Kumin. David Marshall, Matt Stiff, and the staff are unsurpassed in the work that they have done for me in regard to my case. To them you are not just a case number; you are individual person with a problem that should be rectified. In my opinion they have went above and beyond to help my family. They are a great law firm that has exceeded all of my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

— James A. Speegle Sr., whistleblower in the nuclear industry whose case Katz Banks Kumin has been litigating since 2004 and is now on appeal before the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals


“David Marshall represented me in securing a very good outcome in a high-profile, hard-fought whistleblower case against a powerful government agency. He not only went toe to toe with the agency’s lawyers at every step, but he also had the strategic ability, sense of timing and political know-how that it took to deal with a well-financed opponent that thought it could outsmart us and defeat us. And from our first conversation to the end, I always knew that David was 150% on my side.”

— Richard Pullman, an Exhibit Specialist for 27 years at the Smithsonian Air & Space who suffered retaliation after blowing the whistle on the presence of asbestos at the museum


“For five months, I tried (unsuccessfully) to resolve a whistleblower situation at my Midwest nuclear power plant. Katz Banks Kumin resolved this issue in less than six weeks. Thank you very much for your tenacity and discovering the truth. David Marshall, Dan Edelman, and Debra Katz took a very emotional situation from a big demotion to a promotion. My wife and I will be forever grateful for your professionalism and your execution of this case.”

— Senior Reactor Operator at nuclear power plant