Michael A. Filoromo, III Testimonials

“I was shocked when my company retaliated against me, jeopardizing my reputation and 25-year career for doing nothing more than following the rules and trying to do the right thing. I felt victimized, ostracized and powerless. When I retained Katz Banks Kumin as my advocate, I got exactly that – someone completely devoted to advocating for me. Michael Filoromo was supremely savvy, smart, and skillful in tenaciously pursuing a resolution to my rather complicated case. He and Matthew LaGarde patiently explained each development in a collaborative, supportive way. They were not only highly knowledgeable of the law, but unwavering in protecting my interests and achieving a satisfactory outcome on my behalf.”

— Former product manager for medical device manufacturer


“Avi Kumin and his associate in my case Michael A. Filoromo, III have performed an outstanding job in summarizing facts and organizing legal arguments. They carefully crafted the strategy based on research & analysis of a very complex situation, and with multiple iterative modifications produced an elegantly written and compelling case. The outcome was very satisfactory. As one can imagine, this was an emotional and stressful period, however, due to Avi’s and Michael’s excellent professional work, it was more bearable than it would have been otherwise. I am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend hiring this firm with superb lawyers.”

— Cohava Gelber, Chief Science and Technology Officer, pharmaceutical industry


“Lisa Banks and Mike Filoromo did more than represent me during my sexual harassment case. They supported me. They acknowledged how stressful the situation was and validated my feelings by pursuing my former employer for justice. I knew I was in good hands the entire time. I recommend this firm to anyone needing good, strong, intelligent representation.”

— Former project manager in a Texas-based electrical energy equipment company