The 2018 Enough is Enough Summit

April 26, 2018

Katz Banks Kumin partner Debra Katz, and senior counsel Carolyn Wheeler spoke at the 2018 Enough is Enough Summit. The summit is an all-day event of panels and speeches from a variety of legislators, activists, academics, and survivors dedicated to addressing sexual violence and harassment.

Ms. Katz spoke on the panel, “Facing the Challenge: Strengthening Federal Law Policy.” The panel addressed a number of issues within the scope of federal discrimination law, including forced arbitration and overly-broad non-disclosure agreements.  Such provisions prevent the public from learning about the odious details giving cause to many of these claims.   Ms. Katz believes must end in order to effectively change our societal culture and norms: “It’s transparency that creates change.”

Ms. Wheeler spoke on the panel, “Strengthening Protections: How to Improve Title IX & Keep Campuses Safe.” The panel was moderated by Kathy Spiller, the executive editor of Ms. Magazine. Ms. Wheeler was joined by Anne Hedgepeth, the interim VP for Public Policy and Government at AAUW; Gaylynn Burroughs, the Director of Research and Policy for Feminist Majority; and the Interim Executive Director of End Rape on Campus, Jess Davidson.

For more information on the summit, click here, and find the program guide here.