Alexis Ronickher Interviewed on Vice News Tonight

November 15, 2017

Katz Banks Kumin partner Alexis Ronickher was interviewed by Vice News Tonight for a segment on sexual harassment on Capitol Hill that aired on November 9th. On the heels of high profile sexual harassment and assault scandals across other industries, many are calling on Congress to amend how it deals with complaints of harassment.

Unlike most employees who have been victimized by sexual harassment, staffers on the Hill must complete a confidential and specialized administrative process that lasts at the very least 90 days.  Victims must keep silent throughout the process or risk having their claim thrown out.

“It’s absolutely designed to protect the institution, and the elected officials in the institution,” says Ms. Ronickher.

This is incredibly detrimental to the effort to end sexual harassment. Ms. Ronickher explains: “Being able to speak about what’s happening, but also about moving forward with legal claims is a really powerful piece of information, and it has a real effect.”

There are efforts from within Congress, led by Rep. Jackie Speier, to change the process, but like anything in Congress, it can be a slow and uncertain process.

To see the clip, click here.