Alexis Ronickher Publishes Cybersecurity Whistleblower Manual

February 21, 2017

Katz Banks Kumin partner Alexis Ronickher has published a new manual entitled, “Cybersecurity Whistleblower Protections: An Overview of the Protections and Rewards Available to Cybersecurity Whistleblowers under Federal and State Law.” Unlike other whistleblowers, cybersecurity whistleblowers are not afforded a specific, unified set of legal protections. Rather, legal protections and even rewards for cybersecurity whistleblowers can be found through an array of existing federal and state laws.

This manual provides key insights as to where these protections exist at both the federal and state level, how cybersecurity whistleblowers can become eligible for rewards, and key actions every cybersecurity whistleblower should take before blowing the whistle. For more information about the current state of legal protections for cybersecurity whistleblowers, download the manual and check out the video below.



Cybersecurity Whistleblower Protections: A Conversation with Alexis Ronickher