Debra Katz and Lisa Banks Issue Statement on Additional Reports of Boeing Retaliation

April 24, 2024

Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, attorneys representing Boeing whistleblower Sam Salehpour, today issued a statement regarding recent reports in the Seattle Times and in the New York Times, alleging that Boeing engages in a pattern of retaliation against individuals raise safety concerns, including managers and designated F.A.A. safety self-certifying engineers.

“These sets of alarming claims, reported in the Seattle Times and The New York Times, confirm what our client Sam Salehpour testified about last week before the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations  — retaliation against whistleblowers is simply how Boeing does business. Retaliating against Boeing employees who are designated as F.A.A. self-certifiers is particularly egregious. If frontline regulators can be retaliated against by the company they are meant to regulate, it demonstrates that Boeing’s and the F.A.A.’s processes are irreparably broken. Boeing’s data and self-certification measures require independent verification before they can be trusted. Like our client, Sam Salehpour, we hope that more whistleblowers bravely speak out about safety problems and the retaliation they have faced. While the F.A.A. cannot investigate retaliation, at their recommendation, we plan to file a complaint on Mr. Salehpour’s behalf with the U.S. Department of Labor.”

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