Statement from Debra Katz and Lisa Banks on the Latest 787 F.A.A. Investigation

May 6, 2024

Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, attorneys representing Boeing whistleblower Sam Salehpour, today issued a statement regarding a recent report on a new F.A.A. investigation of falsified inspections in Boeing’s 787 airplanes.

“Today’s reporting again revealed that Boeing has zero credibility when it comes to assuring the public that safety is at the heart of company operations. Boeing acknowledges that a tremendous breach in engineering protocol occurred, but takes no responsibility for the culture it created that led its workers to falsify records.  Rather, by reporting an employee’s concerns to the F.A.A., Boeing is now congratulating itself for doing the bare minimum to respond.  This does not change the company’s culture of cutting corners and routinely silencing whistleblowers, including our client Sam Salehpour, when they come forward.

It is still an open question as to how many planes are affected, how long these falsified inspections were allowed to go on, and what risk these latest problems pose to the fleet. We urge the F.A.A. to move quickly on both this investigation and the open investigation into Mr. Salehpour’s claims of manufacturing and assembly shortcuts that pose risks to the 787 and 777 aircraft. We will continue to also urge that the F.A.A. and Congress more rigorously regulate Boeing moving forward.”

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