Debra Katz Discusses ‘Bombshell’ on NPR’s 1A

December 30, 2019

Katz Banks Kumin partner Debra Katz was a guest on NPR’s 1A to speak about the movie “Bombshell,” which dramatizes Fox News’ Founder Roger Ailes’ habitual sexual harassment of female employees, and the resulting scandal which led to Ailes’ resignation.

The scandal became public when Gretchen Carlson boldly filed suit in court, even though she had a mandatory arbitration provision as part of her employment contract. Her allegations and evidence were explosive, and led to similar allegations from other women and Ailes’ eventual resignation.

Ms. Katz joined 1A to discuss details of the real story, how the movie portrays sexual harassment, and what we can learn from Ms. Carlson’s experience.

Listen to the full conversation here.