Debra Katz and Hannah Alejandro Author Article for USA Today

Katz Banks Kumin partner Debra Katz and senior counsel Hannah Alejandro co-authored a USA Today Op-Ed entitled, “Sex harassment stakes huge for low-income women. Will #MeToo help them too?

The cultural tidal wave that has hit over the last two months has fundamentally changed the way that many see and respond to sexual assault and harassment. While the public face of this movement has focused on famous and wealthy victims and perpetrators in Hollywood, Congress, and big business, Katz and Alejandro argue that low income, unknown women are the most vulnerable, and have the fewest routes to justice.

Legally, many victims face relatively high burdens of proof, and not all workplaces are covered by employee protections against retaliation. But this matters only to the extent that workers are aware of their rights, and have the means to utilize the system.

Katz and Alejandro therefore call for the establishment of clear, meaningful, and rigorously enforced anti-harassment and anti-retaliation policies for low-wage sector employees. A genuine promise of gender equality requires the protection and inclusion of low income women.

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