Debra Katz Speaks at PLI Program on Whistleblowing during Coronavirus

Katz Banks Kumin partner Debra Katz spoke at a Practising Law Institute webinar, “Corporate Whistleblowing in the Coronavirus Era 2020.”

The program included several experts who spoke on recent developments in whistleblower law, and how the Coronavirus pandemic may affect legal and regulatory enforcement in the future.

Ms. Katz presented on the importance of enforcing existing whistleblower protection laws, and holding reckless employers accountable. As Ms. Katz noted, the reopening of businesses that is occurring across the country disproportionately affects low-wage service workers who cannot work from home. While protocols exist to limit the risk that employees contract COVID-19, violations of these regulations are rampant.

Ms. Katz covered the Occupational Safety and Health Act and the Department of Labor’s role in not only providing guidance to employers, but also their responsibility to prioritize and investigate allegations of COVID-related whistleblower complaints.

Finally, Ms. Katz discussed additional legislation that could protect COVID-related whistleblowers against retaliation, and covered proposed legislation that would correct the many holes and deficiencies in the current landscape.

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