Statement from Debra Katz and Kayla Morin Regarding Leaked D.C. Investigator General Report on Falcicchio Sexual Harassment

May 13, 2024

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, attorneys Debra Katz and Kayla Morin issued a statement regarding the Washington D.C. Office of Inspector General’s report on allegations of sexual harassment by former Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio and the initial investigation and response completed by the Mayor’s Office of Legal Counsel (MOLC).

“We are profoundly disappointed and angry that more than a year after our clients bravely decided to come forward, the D.C. Government has still not learned how to treat survivors. The behavior and the secrecy around the release of the Inspector General Report is disgusting.

“Although our clients have yet to see a copy of the report, it appears that portions of it have been leaked to members of the media. Our understanding is that this $749,600 report outlined an abusive pattern of behavior from a powerful man, but somehow was unable to substantiate retaliation for refusing his advances. It’s unacceptable that our clients have had to endure investigations for more than a year only to have a report leaked without any warning.

“Additionally, our understanding of this report suggests that some in the Mayor’s Office acted ‘with integrity’ – that is, if you do not count Falcicchio and those who protected and elevated him. What we do know is that someone in power decided to leak this report to the press before our clients were able to review it. That is as outrageous as it is insulting. We implore media who may have received an unredacted version of this report to respect our clients’ privacy.

“Again, we commend the courage of our clients for coming forward. Their courage and commitment to real change in the D.C. government will help improve the working conditions employees in the long term, even when it continues to fail them now.”


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