How to Protect Yourself against Unjust Contract Provisions

Katz Banks Kumin partner Alexis Ronickher spoke as part of a webinar on the rise of unjust and coercive contract provisions being used by employers. The webinar, “Signing Your Rights Away: Coercive Waivers in the Workplace and How Advocates Can Fight Back,” was hosted by the National Employment Law Project and the National Women’s Law Center.

Increasingly, employees are forced to pass on a job opportunity, severance, or a settlement, unless they are willing to sign contract provisions that work against their interests. Forced arbitration, non-competition, and non-disclosure clauses are all legal tools that deny workers legal options, the possibility of employment elsewhere, and even from speaking out publically about one’s experience.

This webinar was designed to provide attorneys working in this area with information and advocacy tools. The speakers analyzed the most common types of contract provisions and the legal and advocacy options to push back on coercive waivers.

Ms. Ronickher was joined by Karla Gilbride, a Cartwright-Baron Staff Attorney at Public Justice; Ramya Sekaran, a Workplace Justice Fellow from the National Women’s Law Center; and the discussion was moderated by Najah Farley, a Senior Staff Attorney at the National Employment Law Project.

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