Lisa Banks and Debra Katz Demand Answers from NFL on Dan Snyder “Enemies List” and Threatened to Take Legal Action Against NFL

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, who represent over 40 former Washington Commanders employees, sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell demanding answers to questions about whether the NFL violated promises of confidentiality and disclosed witness information -- allowing Dan Snyder to use Beth Wilkinson’s investigation as a “tip sheet” to compile an “enemies list” as first reported by ESPN.  A number of Banks and Katz’s clients faced harassment, retaliation and public disparagement after participating in the Wilkinson investigation.  As Banks and Katz informed Goodell today, If the allegations are true, they will file a lawsuit against the NFL.  

“We must also note the hypocrisy of your explanation for not releasing the Wilkinson report given the recent revelations in the ESPN article.  You have claimed that the NFL did not release Ms. Wilkinson’s report because you promised confidentiality to the witnesses in the investigation, but we now have reason to believe that the NFL disclosed their names freely to Mr. Snyder during the course of that investigation.  Mr. Snyder’s attorneys have recently decried the failure of investigators to look at all evidence related to the team and the witnesses.  In the interest of full disclosure, you can and should release the report prepared by Beth Wilkinson, just as you have committed to do with the Mary Jo White investigation, and redact or anonymize witness names however necessary.  Otherwise, you must provide an honest explanation for your refusal to do so,”  they wrote. 

The full letter is available here.