Lisa Banks Discusses Accountability for Team Owners with Law360

KBK partner Lisa Banks recently spoke about the role of public outrage in holding sports franchise owners accountable in the Law360 article, “Corporate, Public Outrage is Antidote to Bad Sports Owners.”

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver was recently suspended by the NBA and fined $10 million for using sexist and racist language and engaging in workplace bullying, a punishment that many have decried as a slap on the wrist. In most sports leagues, however, only owners have the power to oust other owners, and many legal experts agree that corporate sponsors and the general public have the power to encourage owners to act against bad behavior. Ms. Banks, who represents more than 40 former Washington Commanders employees in a similar workplace misconduct and sexual harassment case, agreed that outside pressure is the best way to hold bad actors accountable.

“The pressure will have to come from elsewhere – the fans, corporate America or Congress,” Ms. Banks said. “All three of those entities of the leverage to force change. The question is, will they?”

The full article is available here.