Lisa Banks Gives Advice on Preparing for a Layoff

Lisa Banks was recently quoted by the New York Times in the article, "How to Prepare for a Possible Layoff." 

With recent layoffs at major companies like Disney and Microsoft making headlines, employees across the country have been left to worry about their employment situations. Fortunately, there are a few steps that workers can take in anticipation of a possible layoff. If you think you might be included in a layoff for illegal reasons, one of those steps is to retain evidence that could support any legal claims. According to Ms. Banks, this should include asking for feedback on your performance so that you have a record of it. Additionally, she added that you should avoid doign anything impulsively if you're terminated. 

“Don’t agree to anything, sign anything or engage in a debate over the merits of the termination right then and there,” Ms. Banks said. “There is a possibility that what you say might be construed as some kind of admission of wrongdoing.” 

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