KBK Files Action Against Raising Cane’s

December 15, 2023


Two leading employment law firms, Katz Banks Kumin LLP, and Pardell, Kruzyk & Giribaldo PLLC, filed a representative action under California’s Private Attorneys General Act (known as “PAGA”) in California Superior Court against Raising Cane’s, a national fast food chain specializing in chicken fingers. The action, “Robinson v. Raising Cane’s USA, LLC” alleges significant wage and hour violations under California labor laws that, if successfully proven, would subject Raising Cane’s to significant civil penalties.

A former “Operations Manager” at Raising Cane’s alleged in the complaint that Raising Cane’s improperly classified Operation Managers, and other second-level managers, as “exempt” from wage and hour laws and paid them a salary instead of overtime and paid meal and rest breaks. The complaint alleges that, due to this misclassification, Raising Cane’s never compensated Operations Managers for the substantial overtime they worked or for missed meal and rest breaks, even though they performed the same job duties as the hourly-paid crewmembers that received overtime and paid meal and rest breaks. Raising Cane’s also failed to reimburse Operations Managers for the necessary business expenses they incurred, such as for the use of their cars, as required by state law.

We believe that there may be more individuals across Raising Cane’s franchises both in California and nationwide who have experienced similar circumstances. In the event that you believe you may have a claim, or would like to learn more about your rights, please reach out to us on our online contact form here


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