Statement from Alexis Ronickher, Attorney for Peiter (“Mudge”) Zatko

September 13, 2022

Washington, DC – “Today’s hearing was a watershed moment.  Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the public were provided with detailed and sobering testimony from our client, Peiter “Mudge” Zatko, regarding the serious and pervasive security and privacy failures that Twitter leadership has been covering up for years.  Mr. Zatko is hopeful that the Committee’s work today has helped educate the public about just how dire the security and privacy situation is at Twitter and how impacted we all are by these failures.  He continues to believe that through this public disclosure process, real world harm for Twitter users may be avoided and our country’s national security better protected.  Mr. Zatko was courageous in coming forward to report his concerns to Congress and to governmental agencies and regulators.  He remains ready, willing and able to be part of the legislative reform that is sorely needed.”