Statement from Debra Katz, Lisa Banks and Genie Harrison on Harvey Weinstein Verdict

December 20, 2022

Los Angeles, CA – In response to Monday’s verdicts in The People v. Harvey Weinstein, Jane Doe #3 and her civil counsel, Debra Katz and Lisa Banks of Katz Banks Kumin, and Genie Harrison of Genie Harrison Law Firm, APC, have released the following statements:

Jane Doe #3’s statement:

“After enduring the process of having my traumas thrown under a microscope for the entire world to examine, the verdict didn’t turn out the way we wanted. Yet I have no regrets. I took the stand, stared into the eyes of my attacker for three days in a brutal trial, spoke my truth, and regained my power. I am no longer afraid of Harvey Weinstein.

“The fear of a not guilty verdict is one of the reasons so many women and men choose not to come forward against their assailant. But I decided I had to use my voice, for myself, and for others. There are still many women who wanted to get justice for what Harvey did to them as well, yet remained silent, or had few options because of the statute of limitations.

“I always knew this verdict was a possibility. But I also know the truth of what happened to me and many other women, and I don’t need a jury to tell me if he’s guilty or not. I am so proud of and grateful to the other brave and admirable Jane Does on whose behalf charges were brought. I am gratified that through Jane Doe #1, we all got some justice in Los Angeles against Harvey Weinstein.

“The best advice I can give to other women is to speak up about their assault as soon as possible. I spoke about my sexual assault which happened almost 10 years prior, and was expected to remember every detail that happened to me on the first interview. I was thrown in front of some of the best trained lawyers in the US and expected to hold my ground.

“It was hard, but I know I did right by myself and for countless other women who were assaulted by this monster.”

Debra Katz and Lisa Banks, of Katz Banks Kumin, and Genie Harrison, of Genie Harrison Law Firm, APC, civil counsel for Jane Doe #3’s statement: 

“We are incredibly proud of our courageous client, Jane Doe #3, and grateful to the other survivors who came forward against convicted rapist and sexual abuser Harvey Weinstein. Though we are disappointed that the jury found Weinstein not guilty of felony sexual battery by restraint against our client, we know through its deadlock on the misdemeanor sexual battery charge that 80% of the jury believed our client was sexually battered by Harvey Weinstein. In that real sense, Jane Doe #3 was vindicated through this trial.

“Harvey Weinstein is a prolific sexual abuser, and the courageous women who stood up against him are the tip of the spear that struck a blow against systemic sexual abuse. Without their courage, change would not have begun. Along with our client, we urge all survivors to report sexual abuse as soon as possible after it happens. As always, we believe and stand with the survivors.”

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