Statement from Lisa Banks and Debra Katz on Findings of Congressional Investigation into Washington Commanders

December 8, 2022

Washington, DC – In response to the House Oversight Committee releasing their final report into Dan Snyder, the Washington Commanders and the NFL, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, attorneys for more than 40 former employees of the Washington Commanders, released the following statement: 

“Over two years ago, our clients came forward to share publicly their experiences of sexual harassment and abuse at the Washington Commanders. Because neither the team nor the NFL was willing to reveal the extent of what occurred or hold accountable those responsible, and instead tried to obstruct any efforts to do so, Congress was compelled to take action.

“Today, after a lengthy and wide-ranging investigation, the Committee on Oversight and Reform issued a comprehensive report that definitively details not only the extensive sexual harassment that occurred, but also owner Dan Snyder’s involvement in that sexual harassment and his efforts to obstruct the various investigations into that scandal. The report also reveals the NFL’s shameless efforts to cover up the wrongdoing and protect Mr. Snyder at all costs. In addition to creating a public record of what had been hidden for decades, the Committee’s work resulted in important legislation limiting the use of non-disclosure agreements, which will help prevent this type of widespread harassment from happening in other American workplaces.

“Despite the comprehensive nature of Congress’s report, important questions still remain about serious allegations raised by witnesses before the Committee. For the better part of a year, former federal prosecutor Mary Jo White has been investigating allegations related to Dan Snyder’s personal conduct, as well as various financial improprieties by the team. Only after a full and truthful reporting of Ms. White’s findings on these issues will we be closer to true transparency and accountability for the egregious actions that were detailed in today’s report.”



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