Statement from Lisa Banks and Debra Katz Following NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Testimony at House Oversight Hearing

June 22, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC –  Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, the attorneys representing over 40 former Washington Commanders employees, released the following statement today in response to Roger Goodell’s testimony (and Dan Snyder’s refusal to testify) at the House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing on the Washington Commanders’ toxic workplace culture:

“Today it was stunning and disheartening to listen to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell insist that Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders have been held fully accountable for the team’s two-decades long sexual harassment of female employees.  This, of course, is not true.  Today the Committee released a damning report demonstrating that Snyder and his lawyers also surveilled and investigated complainants, their lawyers, witnesses and journalists, which Goodell knew about and did nothing to address. 

“In his inexplicable and apparently unending desire to protect Dan Snyder, Goodell continues his refusal to release the findings by Beth Wilkinson citing reasons that do not withstand even minimal scrutiny.  Confidentiality can be protected in a written report by redacting the names of witnesses, which is common practice, including by the NFL.  

“The NFL issued a written report and protected promised confidentiality in 2014 when it investigated sexual harassment in the Miami Dolphins organization.  And most recently, the NFL has directed Mary Jo White to interview numerous witnesses, promise them confidentiality, and produce a written report that honors that promise.  It was made clear at today’s hearing that the NFL could have done the same with the Wilkinson investigation, except for the continued reluctance of Mr. Goodell to expose the full extent of the wrongdoing by Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders.  

“To be clear, our clients want and deserve a full accounting of Beth Wilkinson’s findings.  Until he agrees to release such findings, Mr. Goodell’s purported concern for the employees who suffered through 20 years of harassment and abuse is a sham.”