What is Title IX?

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex at educational institutions that receive federal funds, which includes all public schools from elementary through college-level institutions. It also prohibits discrimination at private colleges and universities that receive federal loan money through their financial assistance programs. While Title IX used to be best known for its prohibition on sex discrimination in areas like school athletics, Title IX has recently been extended to cover a wide variety of sex-based violence on campuses across the country such as sexual assault and sexual harassment. This is a rapidly developing, sometimes controversial area of law with very high stakes for clients who are often still in the process of completing their educations.

The attorneys at Katz Banks Kumin have extensive experience with the Title IX process before the United States Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, and in negotiations with universities, and can help guide you through this difficult and complex field. The resolutions we seek for our clients, such as the settlement we reached during our representation of a Ph.D. student against the University of Colorado, Boulder, reflect our understanding that our clients are seeking more than just financial compensation for the harm they’ve suffered. Our representation of students from the Feminists United on Campus at the University of Mary Washington is an example of our willingness to not just advocate for our clients, but to use our knowledge and experience to help put a stop to the culture that helped enable the harm our clients suffered. We understand the highly sensitive issues involved in all Title IX cases, and we work closely with clients to ensure that they have the emotional support they need while we fight for their rights.

Know Your Rights

Title IX provides meaningful protections to victims of on-campus gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Under the law, schools have a legal duty to proactively prevent gender-based harassment, discrimination, and violence. Schools must also provide procedures for reporting illegal gender-based conduct and accommodations for students who are victims of discrimination so that they may continue to access the educational resources to which they are entitled. These protections apply to all students regardless of gender. 

Katz Banks Kumin also proudly supports Know Your IX, a national survivor-run, student-driven campaign to end campus sexual violence.

Contact Us

If you believe that your school’s handling of sex-based discrimination, harassment, or violence that you experienced might have violated your rights under Title IX, contact Katz Banks Kumin’s experienced lawyers. Your communications with us are confidential and without charge or further obligation.

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