From wrongful discharge to family-leave discrimination, some employers break the law when they mistreat their employees. We are nationally recognized experts in employment law, with decades of experience in negotiation and litigation of employment issues. We’ll fight for the respect and compensation you deserve, always being mindful that your professional reputation and career prospects are a crucial part of the package. Our attorneys are some of the nation’s leading specialists in this field; when you hire us, you hire the very best.

In our representation of clients from a wide variety of fields, we have successfully taken on employers of all sizes. Our adversaries know that we are formidable advocates for employees, capable of fighting hard and winning. We fight tirelessly for our clients whether they are employed by a restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, because we believe that all employees deserve a fair workplace free from unlawful discrimination, retaliation, or wrongdoing.

Know Your Rights

The workplace isn’t always fair. But in many circumstances there are laws to protect your rights. There are workplace protections provided by a wide variety of state and federal laws. Some of these categories overlap, and can include protections on the basis of:

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If your employer has taken an adverse action against you involving discrimination, retaliation, or requiring you to break the law to keep your job, you may have a legal claim for the financial and emotional damages you’ve suffered. Contact Katz Banks Kumin to speak with one of our intake attorneys to discuss your case, without charge or further obligation.