Nuclear workers are in a very real sense “the eyes and ears” of the public. The safety issues in this field are not only highly complex, but they can also raise sensitive political, economic, and public health concerns. Whistleblowers who report or oppose violations of nuclear safety regulations perform a crucial service for the health and safety of surrounding communities.

For over three decades, Katz Banks Kumin attorneys have been at the forefront of advising and representing nuclear whistleblowers whose livelihoods and careers have been threatened as a result of their conscientious pursuit of nuclear safety concerns.

What Laws Protect Nuclear Whistleblowers?

The Energy Reorganization Act of 1978 (ERA) provides strong protections for employees who provide information about, or participate in, investigations relating to violations of nuclear safety laws and standards.

The ERA prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee of a nuclear facility or contractor for raising concerns about nuclear safety, either internally or with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. This includes firings, demotions, cuts in pay, negative evaluations, or placement on a performance improvement plan. Retaliation can also include harassment, threats, reassignment of job duties and responsibilities, assignment of undesirable shifts, micromanagement, excessive supervision, or exclusion from important company activities.

Why Hire Katz Banks Kumin for Your Nuclear Whistleblower Case?

Katz Banks Kumin attorneys are nationally recognized for their successful representation of nuclear whistleblowers throughout the United States. We have successfully represented scores of nuclear workers before the U.S. Department of Labor’s Whistleblower Program and in court. We have represented nuclear workers in OSHA investigations, in hearings before administrative law judges, in appeals before the Administrative Review Board.

If you are a nuclear worker with a nuclear safety concern that you are thinking about reporting — or if you already have and are facing retaliation — contact the experienced lawyers at Katz Banks Kumin. Your communications with us are confidential, without charge and with no further obligation.

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